A Window Into My Secret Garden

Elizabeth Aletheia
This is my art journal, for my poetry and music and pictures and anything else I feel like sharing. It is called "the sealed spring" because some evil people in my past did not like my creativity and did their very best to make sure I was unable to be creative. Unfortunately, they succeeded. I'm away from their influence now, and unsealing the spring. Come with me and see what comes out!

Also, the banner is somewhat rough-looking. It was done by me, using a mouse, in my own personal calligraphy hand. This is important because I did calligraphy once, wrote poems, and those are the types of embellishments I used to use. It is rough, but it marks this journal as my own, and I like it because it is less than perfect. I need more "less than perfect" in my life.

Elizabeth Aletheia is not my real name; it's a pseudonym. I chose it carefully. "Elizabeth" is from the Hebrew, and associates the concept of God with the concept of "oath" or "seven," a perfect number. It is roughly translated as "God is my oath," but since that doesn't quite make sense, I personally think the meaning is God as unshakable perfection Who cannot break His Word, once given. This way of looking at God has particular meaning for me. "Aletheia" is Greek for "truth." I think the combination expresses very well who I fundamentally am and what I stand for.

I have a day-to-day journal here too, but I'm keeping these separate, because in some ways, this journal is more revealing.